Participation - Procedure

You are a school teacher and you would like to participate at "Art against Walls"? In this section we explain all the necessary steps that will help you to implement successfully this project at your school.

  1. Read the terms and conditions for participation and make sure that they are observed.
  2. Introduce the project to your colleagues at school and think about in which context "Art against walls" should be treated at your school (individually, in each class, project week for the whole school etc.). Tell your school authorities about the project and make sure that they agree with it!
  3. Determine the number participating classes and students, as they are requested in the registration form.
  4. Check the financing of your participation. Does your school have own ressources? Can a sponsor, e.g. a company close to your school, cover the expenses? If not, we can put you on a waiting list.
  5. Register your school by using the registration form.
  6. After the payment receipt of the participation fee the contact person at your school will receive the login data and instructions for your school account.
    Schools which registered without funding, will receive the login data once we or they have found a sponsor.
  7. Set up your school account. Upload your school's profile (image and text). Please bear in mind that your profile represents your school well, since it will be visible for the public. Make sure that your profile is handled responsibly.
  8. Next you will receive the miniature wall pieces. This will take 10 weeks at the most because we produce these pieces depending on the number of orders. After the receipt of payment your wall pieces will be manufactured in Berlin, every piece is handmade. Use the remaining time to make preparations für "Art against Walls" at your school.
  9. After the miniature wall pieces have been designed they will be photographed and uploaded in the gallery of your school profile.
  10. At the end of the project at your school, every student can keep the miniature wall piece he or she designed.

We look forward to seeing the success of "Art against Walls" at your school, as you, together with your students, will create many little meaningsful works of art. We hope that you will have fond memories of the project and that you will participate again in the following school years.

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