Become our partner

Become our partner and help students to participate

Are you in contact with one or more schools that would like to participate at Art against Walls and do you want to make this particpation possible?

If so, either you or the school itself can register under Participation and Registration. Please make sure that the school/s is/are aware of the project's procedure and got familiar with it.

If the registration was successful we will get in touch with you in order to list you as a partner on our website and to receive the necessary data from you (logo or profile, category etc.) or to exchange further ideas with you.

If not, you can fill in the following form, so we can arrange with your support that schools having no or not enough financial ressources are able to particpate at Art against Walls.

Until its purposeful use the money you provided us with will be deposited in an escrow account. In case we make use of your support we will give you the information on the beneficiary. Please indicate in the following form whether we are allowed to mention your data (on the website) and forward it (to schools) or not.