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Art Against Walls - The Project

Jetzt wächst zusammen, was zusammengehört Willy Brandt

There is an ongoing fascination with the history of the "free, walled-in city of Berlin", even more than a quarter century after the fall of the Wall. New book and film contributions as well as happenings related to the myth of Berlin indicate the active dealing with the history, present and future of this metropolis.

The result

Everyone's artistic license in the design of the wall pieces highlights the project's approach based on individuality.

We would like to take up our project's success in Berlin on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, so we want to invite schools from all over the world to join in. In order to achieve our goal of a succesful international art project for peace, we need extensive support regarding the funding and the communication.

"Art against Walls" is a collective project that wants to invole people from all social classes. We are happy about every kind of support no matter how big it is. Small businesses or international companies, normal citizens or politicians - we invite everyone to join in. When we talk about a peaceful and multicultural living togehter, we need to act as a community to which everyone has to contribute.