Our team

The idea and initiative to create this project comes from a pragmatic, freedom loving group of people born in 1982. This group likes to inspire other people to do collective projects. Driven by high motivation and the constant search for support to develop such a big project, it met a lot of people each of them with individual skills who joined this initiative. Without them this project would not have become real.

The team is independant and in constant change, some members are an inherent part of the project right from the beginning, others joined little by little. The project offers everyone the chance to contribute ideas and, thus, to add something to it. Whoever is interested in shaping the future of "Art against Walls", is warmly invited to get in touch with us.

Subseqeuntly you will find an overview of our team memebrs and their tasks within the project.

  • Images

    Die freie Fotografin hat sich auf Kinder- und Jugendfotografie spezialisiert. Sie hat das Projekt zum 25. Jubiläum Berliner Mauerfall fotografisch dokumentiert. Der Großteil des Bildmaterials auf der Webseite stammt von ihr.

  • Rokopf

    Dennis kümmerte sich um die Galerie zum 25. Jubiläum, das Kontaktformular und Anpassungen der ersten Internetseite des Projektes.

  • O arts

    Der Mediendesigner Lars entwarf das Grundgerüst der ersten Internetseite und des ersten Logos von "Kunst gegen Mauern".