The Project - Background

Background information on the project

The project is based on the history of the Fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9 1989 and of the peaceful revolution in the former GDR.

For decades the Berlin Wall was a symbol of a divided Germany and of a totalitarian regime which denied its citizens their freedom. In the global context, the Berlin Wall stood for a world divided into two blocks, the East and the West, being ennemies in the Cold War which marked the global foreign and security policy in the 20th Century.

Since its fall in November 1989 the Berlin Wall became a symbol of freedom and peace, of the people's courage to fight together against injustice, and, first and foremost, a symbol of a peaceful victory over oppression and deprivation of freedom without any bloodshed..

Berlin can be seen as a perfect example of dealing productively with the subject of walls. The idea of our project and its future results are based on this meaningful historical background. This should encourage and help to take down walls which separate us in a creative and peaceful manner.