The Project - Content

What do we do? What does the project convey?

No other institution reaches such a large number of young people as the school does. In this environment of learning and experience our project "Art against Walls" comes in. In the context of school projects students create and design wall pieces.

In such a way the abstract element of the wall piece becomes an important part of one's own reality. By means of artistic creativity, the project aims to raise fundamental questions that we want to discuss with young people, eventually trying to give answers to these questions.

Through "Art against Walls" you will get a visually interesting and creative access to a central aspect of political History. Based on this background we want to give an opportunity to deal with the topic of walls in a general and global way.

The most important question raised by our project is what kind of walls, in the sens of physcial boundaries or in our minds, separate us from one another and what are the consequences for our living together. Which walls do prevent that justice and peace are the basis for our living all over the world and what do all of us have to do in order to change that?

Everyone's artisitic licence in the process of designing the wall pieces underlines the specific approach of this project based on individuality.

The miniature wall pieces, true to scale, are produced (handmade) out of ceramics in Berlin. After their design and documentation by the particpating students, the wall pieces will remain in possession of the students, thus keeping their meaning for the students even after the project's end.