12 great reasons to attend the Gustav-Heinemann-Oberschule

  1. Effective preparation for career and studies
  2. Abitur available in the 12th or the 13th grade
  3. Begin from the 5th or the 7th grade
  4. Specialising in Japanese, English (CLIL courses – content and language integrated learning), Music (woodwind and brass instrument classes) and Mathematics / IT
  5. Aptitude-based class streaming from the 7th grade to allow for more effective educating
  6. A variety of courses available from the 11th grade onward
  7. Large, spacious campus
  8. Instilment of secondary values such as reliability, discipline, politeness, ambition, and order and tidiness
  9. Counselling available from the 5th grade
  10. Extra-curricular activities available every afternoon
  11. Regular field trips
  12. International school exchanges available with Japan, USA, England, France, Poland and the Netherlands

Supported by ambitious students, engaged staff and active parent contribution.

Schuljahr 9. Jahrgang

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