On the week of the 23rd of September 2019 all of the 4th to 6th graders held a project day on the subject of the fall of the Berlin Wall, where drafts were created as well. During this week and in the weeks after the autumn holidays, these drafts were then transferred to pieces of the Wall. The students enjoyed their work and handled the wall pieces very carefully; only three pieces were broken during the entire process.

Five years ago the Nord-Grundschule participated in this wonderful art event already. Some pieces created back then are still on display in the entrance hall of the school to this day.

The students and myself thank you, Mister Wirths, very much for providing us with this great idea and for your tireless efforts to bring this opportunity to life.

We also want to thank all of our sponsors, as well as the Förderverein der Nord-Grundschule, who together have made it possible for us with their generous donations to participate in such an interesting and tremendously important project.

Schuljahr 4.Klasse

Klasse 4a West-Seite

Klasse 4b West-Seite

Klasse 4c West-Seite

Schuljahr 5.Klasse

Klasse 5a West-Seite

Klasse 5b West-Seite

Klasse 5c West-Seite

Schuljahr 6.Klasse

Klasse 6a West-Seite

Klasse 6b West-Seite

Klasse 6c West-Seite

Schuljahr 2014/2015