Escola Secundária de Francisco Rodrigues Lobo

Our school Escola Francisco Rodrigues Lobo from Leiria has carried out this project with an art class: 10 H that does not study German. Our German school intern suggested the topic of walls to the students and on November 9th, in an English lesson, she explained what it means to live "walled up" using reports from her parents, photos and videos. The students then, with the help of their art teacher, embraced the project and here are the results. The "small" wall is to be permanently exhibited in the school. We do not want walls, but understanding, cooperation, freedom and harmonious coexistence.

Schuljahr 2022/2023

Klasse 10 H West-Seite

Klasse 10 H Ost-Seite

Klasse Klasse 10 H West-Seite

Klasse Klasse 10 H Ost-Seite